Testimonials from BRAG 2018


I am definitely in again!! Great service last year, have already registered for BRAG and booked hotels!
Best, Bob Ford

Just a final thanks for your hard work, attention to detail and initiative in getting us BRAG riders taken care of, you provide an invaluable service and it is greatly appreciated.
Lee Cardwell

I just got home and wanted to thank you again for transporting my bag around and the hug! I will be using Black Dog again if I do another BRAG, Take care and hope you have a good year.
Kevin the eggman!

Testimonials from BRAG 2017


It was great to meet you and the service during BRAG was superb.  By the time I made it to my motel each day, the luggage was there.  I never worried about that and it made the whole week less stressful.  I spoke with a few folks that were also staying at the motels, but didn’t use your service and they regretted it.  Black Dog is the way to go!
Chris Letsinger

Flawless service! What more can I ask?
Jeff Pickett

Thank you for such wonderful service. The website was well designed, well presented, easy to navigate and sign up. Your personal responses were an added plus. The bags were always at the hotel as promised, in perfect condition. Thank you for making our ride worry-free!
Robert Hermann

You guys were terrific. Our bags were at each stop waiting on us. I couldn't be happier with the excellent  service. Thanks again.
Jennifer Roach

Service was perfect as always.
Cecilia Luther

Thank you for the great service you have provided to BRAG riders this year as well as over the past years. We love the convenience and attention to details. We hope you will continue to provide this great service for many years to come!
Steve Farkas

I really can't think of anything I'd need you to do differently, you really made the whole hotel method possible. I couldn't have relied on shuttle buses alone. Thanks so much and hope to see you again someday!
Max McAllister


Testimonials from BRAG 2016


The service is dependable, courteous and easily reached by cell phone (sorry about all the calls to find my luggage in Emmett Park :)  I hope you can continue to provide this service next year, as it is indispensable to bike riders staying in area hotels on BRAG.
Steve Farkas

FABULOUS!!!!!  Thank you!  I will definitely use your service again.  I bragged to others about you all!
Lynn Seeger

I am glad we had the chance to get to know you. I too feel blessed with a new friendship and look forward to keeping in touch on Facebook.  As far as the luggage service, you did a great job. We always had our luggage when we needed it and I didn't worry about it because I knew you were handling it. I liked the fact that you emailed us before the ride so we would know what to expect. Take care and keep in touch! 
Tracey Tittle

Black Dog did an awesome job. I mean every day the bags were at the hotel early and flawless job from my perspective. We arrived early and the bags still beat out Free Flight riding team so know this was very much appreciated. This was my 1st BRAG and I plan to repeat next year with the same team. 
Scott Swoish

Everything was perfect! Couldn't ask for better service, hope to see you again next year!
Lynn Cotellese

That was great.
Here are two ideas to consider next time:
1) Post GPS coordinates of your location. That way a person can just type the numbers into google maps and have the exact location show up on the map. They would see a red flag for you and a blue dot for the person on the map. You could simply email to your entire distribution list at once. This is very easy to accomplish. I'd be happy to show you how to do it.
2) I've noticed that the "shuttle" to camp from hotels really sucks thus most hotel folks just hang out at the hotel and miss the activities at camp. How about adding a limo type service to take folks back and forth. 
Roy Roberts
– Sorry Roy, I won't be trying to fight Uber in the Georgia countryside. ;) - Jessica

I think you did a great job. I never met you but my luggage was always there when I reached my hotel. Couldn't expect anything more.
Tom Thorsteinson

Awesome service. A+++ would buy again.
Darren Margolias

A great service, very well run.
Paul Thim Sr

1st time user.  The service and Jessica were great.  Thanks.
Nathaniel Jones

This was my first BRAG ride and I was worried about so many different things because I had never done them before. When I first saw your service I took a leap of faith because I really didn't have any references or recommendations. Your service seemed to fit what I wanted to do though. I was just interested in the ride and not as much with all of the other activities. Because of that I opted to stay in hotels along the way because I didn't want the added end of day stress associated with the camping (or gym) option and the mass bag operation (although I am sure that was fine). I just wanted the ride experience. My leap of faith was well rewarded.
I have nothing but positive things to say about your professional, no hassle service and would highly recommend this to anyone doing BRAG, but especially like I did. I did not worry after the first day when the bag showed up as advertised and was picked up the following morning. The price was very reasonable and I will definitely do this again. I don't know how else to compliment you except to say that you are a fantastic resource for this event.
Thanks again for everything.
John Fredenberg

Testimonials from BRAG 2015

As a first time user I wanted to thank you for delivering my luggage as promised. Next year my plan is to motel every night and that will only be possible with your help. Thanks again see you in next year!
Richard Schulz

Thank you so much for the wonderful luggage service!  We will definitely be using you again next year!
Thanks…Laura Fryar

I am grateful for the services you provide to BRAG riders every year and I look forward to participating next year.
Thanks again, Steve


Testimonials from BRAG 2014

Larry and Astrid, this was my 5th BRAG with you guys.  As always, you guys were perfect. I think this was the first time I met Astrid and she is wonderful.  Our group hits the road pretty early and almost always arrived at the motels before they are ready for us, but our luggage was always there before us. Thanks for a great service and I hope to see you next year.
Sent from my brain using esp. John L. Bryan Jr. 

Left with a bad taste when I was told that the end of the ride luggage would be dropped off where the bus had left from the outlet mall. I had asked before leaving Jesup.
Phil Curry
(Brag had two "end of ride" spots. Oops! Sorry.)

Thank you for doing a consistently great job every year with luggage transport. I would not be able to ride BRAGfor the past 8 years without your help. I wish things in everyday life went that easy and I especially wish you were in charge of my airline luggage whenever  I fly!
Steve Farkas

Hey there Larry,  A BIG thank-you for your service.  You helped make my BRAG experience a pleasant/stress-free experience.
Kurt Phillips

Dear Larry & Vinny:
I want to take a sec to write and thank you for your service on Brag. This was my first multi day trip and You guys answered every question had bags at the hotels before I got there and Made the trip much easier than would have otherwise been. kudos on a great job!
Jeff Aschkenes New York, NY

I just want to thank for for helping to make my first BRAG experience a great one. My luggage was always waiting for me at each location. Even when I changed my itinerary for the last night. You guys do a fantastic job!
Trish Snyder

Hi Larry, John, Vinny and family,
Thank you all so much for the wonderful service.  It was the first time that my wife and I signed up for the BRAG ride and we couldn’t have enjoyed a better experience.  Our bags were in the right place at the right time and everything was made easy for us.
We look forward to using your services again next year!

FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE.  Brag was perfect and your service was great. See you next year.
Shann V. Nichols

I would like to add to the positive words about the service.  From my perspective, I have only one word – flawless.  I would certainly use and recommend your services again.  Vinny was awesome, and very helpful!
Michael Roberson

As usual you guys did a great job!

Vinny did a great job with luggage transport this year. He was always reachable by phone and did a great job of keeping up with the logistics of carrying luggage for so many riders.
Thanks again, Steve Farkas

I, too, have nothing but compliments for your guys.  My bags ALWAYS got to the hotel/B&B before I did (which was a real accomplishment, because I was usually at the hotel before 11:00 a.m.)....no complaints...good job! (now if only I could find one of you to ride my bike for me..it would be perfect!)
Dr. Madeline Chatlain, OTR/L, CDT-LANA
Owner, Director Hilton Head Occupational Therapy Myofascial Rehabilitation & Lymphedema Services

This was my first time riding the BRAG and using your service.  It was wonderful not having to worry about our bags.
One thing I did notice at first and this might be more of an issue for the hotels we stayed at.  When we went to put our bags out in the morning there was no clearly marked place to put them.  Luckily after a couple of days we found that others had put their bags out before we did so we put our bags next to theirs.  Other than that, everything worked great. I will be using your service again next time I ride the BRAG.
Thank you. Mike Dykes
(Note from Larry: We look for your bag(s) where you found them the previous day. Sometimes the motel staff will move them from where we put them, but anywhere in the lobby area is fine, as long as they have the big tag reading FOR BROTHER JOHN ONLY.)

This is my first time doing BRAG and using your luggage service. So I must admit I was somewhat nervous and skeptical about my luggage getting to the next hotel safe and sound. But it arrived every day in excellent condition and was always there waiting for us after a long day of riding. We even changed our minds and decided to stay in Brunswick at a hotel and we gave you guys a call. "No problem," was your response and no problem did we have! Thank you for being so prompt and attentive to our luggage and our needs! I will be back next year and I will definitely use your service again!
Thank you guys! Hope

No complaints. Thanks for the service. Cecilia
(Note from Larry: Good old Cecilia. Always brief and to the point. Thanks for being part of the family all these years.)

You did a great job, as usual. God Bless you.

Perfect job by Vinny. Always makes the week smooth and effortless. Perhaps you could provide portable showers for us on the last day.  O/w I can think of nothing else you could possible do to improve!
Mark Hughes

Can't imagine any way to improve. You guys, Vinny, in particular were great. Thank you.
Trish Snyder