Testimonials from before 2014

Service was great. Good job. I would not hesitate using you guys again.
Phil Quinn

Thank for the excellent luggage service this year. This is the second time we have ridden Brag and used your service and it was always picked up and delivered on time to our hotels. what a great service.
Keith and Pam Harring
Fairfield, Ohio

It was great to have my lugguge waiting for me at the hotel !!
Great Job,
Lonnie Grossman

You guys always do a great job and certainly make our ride more enjoyable. Thanks again!!
Marita Moberg

Diane, Jeff, and I so appreciate your support over the years. We are working on a Cross France Tour September 2014 when Diane finishes her PhD and we are certainly going to bring you to handle the luggage detail! 
This was my 20th BRAG so you have been my A Team for 18 years. Diane has been back 5 years BRAGGING with me- she is 27 now but you carried her luggage 14,13, and 12 years ago when she was 12,13, and 15. No wonder she is such a great cyclist! 
Jeff is highly educated and a true BRAGGER and a Bro John person for five years. We have been doing our hotel reservations together for 3 years- this year I actually filled out his Bro John form in my own handwriting and gave it to him in his own file folder. Do we need to mention that folder with his copy was his most valuable possession on BRAG? 
Put us up on your website but BEWARE! we may scare some folks away!! 
BRAG 2013 or BUST.
Claudia Crenshaw

Thanks for what you do. Have done brag for 11 years now with you always getting my bag where I was going, and don't know if I would do Brag without the service you provide. 
Bill Robinson

Great experience again- thank you so much. Used your service since 2008 and haven't had any problems. You even delivered my bag to the Super 8 in Cornelia even though I wrote the old name of that hotel- America's Best. I had no idea it changed hands during the past 3 months. 
Mark Taylor

Y’all did great!

Bill Mather
Vice President of Operations
OPTICS 1, Inc.
Manchester, NH

Larry, NOT one problem in the two years (2005 and 2012) that we have had you care for our luggage! It was always reassuring to know that - after the day's long ride - all of our stuff would be waiting for us at our next stop. 
We appreciate your family business.
Thanks again, 
Ken Murrell

This was my first BRAG and my first time using your service. I must say your luggage service was excellent. The bags were always waiting for us at the hotels, and it was one less thing to worry about. I will definitely use your luggage service again if we decide to do BRAG again.
Thanks again!
Jeff Miller

Thank you for your part in our great BRAG 2011 experience. My husband knew there was no way he’d get me to do the ride with camping involved. Our next option was to load down the bike with panniers. Thanks to our friends who recommended you (Roger Strauss & Eve Kofsky!) It made our riding much more enjoyable than lugging the extra weight on our bikes and we couldn’t have asked for a better luggage service!

Hopefully we’ll be back next year and your great service will definitely be part of the 2012 BRAG experience.
Claudia Rowe
RMS Associates, Inc.
Smyrna, Ga

I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the service you provided. 
Thanks, Sarah Swab, Fayetteville

Larry, John, Carol, and Vinny,
Thank you for the excellent luggage transport service at BRAG!
Everything went very smoothly and our bag was always at the hotel well ahead of us.
Carolyn and Larry Downey

This was my first time using your service, and Personally, I thought the service was flawless for me.  I had no issues what so ever.  I did think there was a lot of instructions, but not confusing at all, and if that is what lead to my flawless service, then that is what it took.

Thanks for everything, and I would definitely use you guys again
Michael Roberson

Our group had absolutely no issues with your service.  All our bags were there waiting for us every day when we arrived back at our hotel.  I don't think the instructions were difficult to read or follow.  However, you did need to take the time to read them in order to know what to do!  I'm glad your URL will be available because BRAG's website can sometimes be difficult to navigate.   Larry Black and Brother John's luggage service rocks!  There is no way I would do BRAG without you guys!     Thanks again for the service you provide. 
Laura Clements

You guys did a great job. Don’t sweat the small stuff from the vocal minority. Your instructions are perfectly clear and it would be really hard to screw them up. Thanks for making my BRAG a great, carefree ride.
John L. Bryan, Jr.

You guys did a great job. No problems at all. The instructions were simple. The only suggestion I have is to have people put a piece of masking tape on their bag and write on it, "To be Picked Up by Brother John ONLY. Then, the customary bag tag as to where the bag should be delivered should be affixed to the handle or grip of the bag. Again, everyone should know that the bag should be ready for pick up by 0730; otherwise, no pick up. See you again next year.
Best, Jeff Pickett

A great job by your crew, Larry. There is no way BRAG would be possible for me if not for their hard, accurate, and dedicated service. 
Roger Strauss

Absolutely no problems with your service--will definitely use you next year
Colin Whelan

I had a great time on the ride, was thoroughly pleased with the service! Thanks guys! Great job!
Mr. Jamie Jonathan Kraft, MBA
Executive Director
Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida

As usual you guys did a wonderful job. You have no idea what a joy it is to roll into the motel and see your bag waiting for you! A shower and clean clothes make for a great day. (That and possibly a cold beer!) 
Regards, Len Dorrien

You all did a great job!

Thanks for everything!--- Gary Larkins

Thanks for your great service

Thanks, FWC (Frank Cawood)