Bag & Tag Instructions

All bags must be tagged each day to ensure delivery.

Necessary information

  • Your Name

  • Destination City

  • Name of Destination (camp, hotel, motel or b&b)

  • Phone and Address of Destination

  • If more than one bag, please number them.

    • Example for three bags.

      • 1 of 3

      • 2 of 3

      • 3 of 3

  • Please inform motel staff that your luggage is to be picked up by Black Dog Luggage.

  • For Camp drop off please attach a LARGE Label:
    "To be picked up by BLACK DOG LUGGAGE ONLY"

  • Week of the ride please call or text Jessica at 707-623-7035 with any emergencies.

Bag Rules

  • Maximum weight 40 pounds.

  • No Cling-ons. Do not attach shoes, pumps or any other item to the outside of your bag.

Tag your Bag

It is your responsibility to tag your bag(s).

  • Use only the one tag per day.

  • Please make sure it is secure - a bag without a tag is a sad bag.

  • We use these tags to load the truck, while logistics are planned in advance using your Travel Form.

Common Questions

  • It is okay to camp some days and to stay in motels others.
    As always - properly fill out your bag tag.

  • Bags pickup begins each day at 7am from the front desk of your motel or our sign near BRAG HQ.

  • We are not affiliated with BRAG, so please call us directly with any questions at 707-623-7035. BRAG personnel do not know the details of our service.

  • Campsite bags will be dropped off with our sign near BRAG HQ.

  • We attempt to put our camp sign near BRAG HQ each day in a place where cars can't park in front of it. However, riders are expected to LOOK for the sign without bothering BRAG personnel.

  • Bags will be delivered to your next location as soon as possible.

  • Bags NOT CLEARLY VISIBLE near the front office of your motel by 7am may be left behind. We are not responsible for returning to the previous town to retrieve your bag(s). It is your responsibility to have your bags in the right place at the right time with the right tags.

  • Maximum weight is 40 pounds per bag. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please weigh your bag(s); we will.

  • Bags that are overweight or not clearly marked will be left at the BRAG camp for owners to pick up after all the other bags have been dropped off. If the bag is not within limit for the following pickup it will be left behind.

  • Delivery window - we aim to deliver the bags between 11am and 2pm. Properly tagged bags make this possible.

  • COMMUNICATION - Please call us or leave a large note on your bag if your schedule or number of bags changes at any time. You can also double up with a call to Jessica at 707-623-7035 to confirm the change.

  • BRAG LITE - riders may join the ride late or leave early. Please be sure to note when and where first pickup and last drop off will occur. Please include "FINAL DROP" on your last bag tag.

  • We can not transport people or bikes in our vehicle. Your motel may provide a shuttle service around town.

  • Thank you for taking the time to read these instructions so we can make this experience the easiest way to BRAG.


Questions asked will be answered via direct email. We may also add the question and answer here to help clarify any aspect of our service for all of our customers. Thank you for taking the time to make sure we can deliver the best experience every year.

  • BRAG has different luggage weight requirements?

    • We require all bags to weigh in at or under 40 pounds while BRAG has different regulations for the big truck.

  • Where do I drop my bags?

    • Saturday evening I will place a "Black Dog Luggage" sign at the BRAG camp. If you desire to leave before I arrive Sunday morning please place your bag(s) beside the sign. I plan to arrive before 6am.

    • Following days: please leave your bags in the same place I've dropped them off unless otherwise directed by hotel staff.

    • First drop not on Sunday? If you are staying at BRAG camp please look for the "Black Dog Luggage" sign. If you are staying in a hotel please ask the front desk staff where the other riders will be leaving their bags.

  • End of Ride

    • I will try to get parking as close as possible to any obvious BRAG markers and be as visible as possible. I will have the "Black Dog Luggage" sign with me as well. For an additional $10 I will drop luggage at an alternative drop point as requested within reason.

Enjoy your ride.