Travel and Release Forms

Travel and Release Forms must be completed and in our hands before we can take your bags into our care.

IMPORTANT for 2016

$68 per bag for the week.
$45 per bag for BRAG Lite - up to three deliveries.
$10 Late Registration Fee for reservations made after May 31st.

MAXIMUM WEIGHT is 40 lbs per bag.
NO EXCEPTIONS! Weigh your bag(s). We will.

BAG TAGS: All bags must have a new and complete destination tag each day.
Delivery Times: Bags will be delivered between 11am and 1pm as long as riders cooperate by properly tagging their bags each day and letting us know in advance of any changes, especially if they drop from the ride.

Communication: Please call us or leave a LARGE NOTE on your bag to explain ANY changes from your Travel Form. 

We are not affiliated with BRAG, so please call us directly with any questions. BRAG personnel do not know the details of our luggage service. Riders can call Jessica's cell with questions or problems.
Jessica's number is (707) 623-7035.

Travel & Release Form

Please make sure you have made your reservation. Two more steps and you can rest assured your bags will be where you want them when you arrive at the end of your ride each day.

The Travel Form is a list of places where we will be collecting and delivering your bags along with your contact info. Please choose a listed hotel or one within specified distance of the campsite.

The Release Form must be completed in order for us to move and care for your bags.

Once you have completed your Registration, Travel and Release Forms and Paid via PayPal or check you are 100% signed up!

** Please read and follow bag and tag instructions for a hassle free experience.