Hotel List 2017 - updated May 9th, 2017

The Official BRAG website has a Hotel List! YAY!

However we will still allow you to enter the motel of your choice into our online registration page. *We will remove the ability to add new hotels May 29th. Once you, or another rider lets us know that you are staying at "xyz..." motel in "ABC" town, we will add that motel to the website for others to see and possibly make their reservation there.

Hopefully, we won't have too many individuals staying at motels alone. It takes us just as long to drive to an outlying motel for one bag as it does for thirty bags. That's why we always liked the motel list. No matter where you decide (within a 10 mile radius of camp), we'll make your luggage the least of your worries on the ride.



BRAG Campsite – Clarke Middle School, 1235 Baxter Street
*Other Arrangements* $10 per bag fee



BRAG Campsite – Pope Center, 48 Lexington Avenue
1.0 miles from camp – The Fitzpatrick Hotel, 16 West Square
2.5 miles from camp – Quality Inn, 115 Ann Denard Drive
2.8 miles from camp – Red Land Motel, 1241 Lincolnton Road



BRAG Campsite – Norris Elementary, 511 Main Street
0.2 miles from camp – Hampton Inn, 1702 Washington Road
2.5 miles from camp – Comfort Inn, 1893 Washington Road
2.7 miles from camp – Econo Lodge, 103 N Seymour Drive



BRAG Campsite – Louisville Academy, 901 Mimosa Drive
1.0 miles from camp – Louisville Motor Lodge, 308 Hwy 1 Bypass
10+ miles from camp – The Wadley Inn, 430 Poplar Street


BRAG Campsite – Metter Elementary, 33661 Highway 129 South
1.4 miles from camp – Garden Inn & Suites, 720 Lewis Street
1.5 miles from camp – Days Inn, 1225 South Lewis Street
1.6 miles from camp – Econo Inn, 1035 Fortner Road


BRAG Campsite – Wayne County High School, 1 Jacket Drive
3.9 miles from camp – Days Inn & Suites, 1096 Express Lane
4.0 miles from camp – Baymont Inn, 1100 Express Lane
4.1 miles from camp – Quality Inn, 205 North Hwy 301


Golden Isles - End Of Ride

End of Ride Drop – Mary Ross Waterfront Park, 
*Other Arrangements* $10 per bag fee